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The TIGHAR Guide to Nikumaroro

  • Poster-sized (36x24)
  • Annotated
  • Includes PDF

We have a gorgeous new Digital Globe satellite image of our favorite atoll taken November 15, 2016, and we’ve annotated and illustrated key features and locations on it to help you keep track of TIGHAR’s investigations. Printed poster-size (36″ x 24″) on heavy glossy stock, The TIGHAR Guide to Nikumaroro is as useful and informative as it is attractive.

The price of US$50 (plus shipping) includes the poster, sent rolled up in a heavy tube, and a download of the map in PDF format for use on your device or computer.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. The TIGHAR Guide to Nikumaroro (4.81 MB)

Media Type Shipped Product

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