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"Final Approach" Limited Edition Art Print


The approach is by the book. Airspeed is eighty miles per hour. Propellers are in low pitch. Throttles are at 1300 RPM. Mixture is full rich. Carburetor heat is off. Wheels are down and visually verified. Flaps are down.

It is late on the morning of Friday, July 2nd, 1937. The woman at the controls and the man beside her have been flying for nearly twenty-four hours. They are tired, half-deaf, and they smell a bit, but at this moment they are greatly relieved to have found this island. The tide is low, exposing an inviting expanse of smooth coral that stretches more than half a mile to the north of wreck of an old freighter. If they can land, figure out where they are, and call for help, perhaps they’ll eventually be able to refuel, take off and continue their journey. Wisps of condensation trail from the Electra’s wingtips in the warm, humid air as the pilot begins her final approach?

Is this the way it happened? Years of TIGHAR research have produced an abundance of evidence that this scene represents an historical event. Sales of this beautiful painting by noted aviation artist Scott Albee will help fund the search for the conclusive proof.

Working closely with TIGHAR expedition veteran Capt. Skeet Gifford, and Executive Director Ric Gillespie, Scott has taken great pains to assure that every detail of the airplane and the island is correct.

Fine art prints of the painting have been printed on high-quality stock, approximately 28 by 20 inches. 200 Limited Edition prints have been numbered and signed by the artist and by TIGHAR Executive Director Richard Gillespie and are on sale at $75.00.

If requested, Ric will be pleased to personalize the inscription on any Limited Edition Print. Please include a note with personalization information with your order.

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